December Update

Hi all,  

         Well what an odd time this is, Xmas is on it's way but we can not go out to shop!! all very strange. Still we plough on making music and playing live......albeit in our front room!! Now we want to thank the few people who have ordered our single We've made it from the download stores. If you have not spotted that we have a single out then please try all the main download sites. Look for Tony and Una and the single name We've Made It   We are going to release another single in January called Wishes From The Well. More details about that in January. We are also doing a live show for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland on the 2nd of December at 11.00am. This is for people with Alzheimer's and Dementia and people who look after them. The song we are releasing in January is all about this as Una's father died from Alzheimer's.  

         As well as this live performance we are going to put up the Xmas tree and do a live show again from our front room. Now sadly our internet speed is so slow we can not do it "live" as there is a delay and it all looks funny. We will however record the shows and then put them up on our facebook group so you can see them there. Now if you are not a member of our group all you have to do is join. The Facebook address to use is The group name is real music...old style!! We will record the shows and put them up before Xmas for you. 

As usual, recording is ongoing and we are excited that we will be able to release a new single approx once a month for all of next year!! Now we do need YOU to buy/download them, if not fine, but we will have to go and get day jobs and stop recording, not something we would wish to do so remember if you don't buy we will have to stop recording. 

Gig wise sadly again we have no gigs.......we did have ONE gig in December.....due to the new tier system, we can't do it.......apparently they can't make scotch eggs!! This is really annoying now as the last gig we did was in March. We understand the reasons why but we do feel cut off and isolated by this.......musicians seem to be a long way down the government's list of priorities. The good news is hopefully we will get a jab and they will let what is left of pubs to re-open. We are sure a number of places we used to play at will sadly remain closed. It will be like starting over again for us so wish us luck!! 

Well that tells you enough about what we are trying to do and what our plans are for the year ahead. Who knows if in December next year we can look back and say we are back to normal....We are also very aware that a lot of friends have been self isolating and trying to avoid contact with other people. We hope that your lives start to return to some sort of normal as well and although we can not see you we wish you all a great Xmas and hope your dreams come true in 2021!! 

Till then have a fantastic Xmas, stay well and safe and hopefully we will see you somewhere down the road.

Thanks Tony and Una

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