Hi all, 

          Firstly a big fat happy new year to you all!! We hope that his year sees the world slowly return to normal and that this stupid war started by Russia, or should I say its leader, becomes a memory and nothing worse.  Whatever plans you have we both wish you well and hope they come true!!

As for us, well.............you guessed it! we are still awaiting what to do re our internet. I think the best way we are going to do this is by just putting our heads down and trying to get it all resolved as quickly as possible. We might be a little impatient but sometimes things drag on for far too long! We have even thought about joining Mr Musk and his internet idea!! As usual, it is a case of watching this page.........

Now maybe, just maybe life is slowing down a little just due to our ages. Odd, but we do seem to be working hard and not quite going anywhere. Take our music for example! Many hours are spent recording, mixing, and attempting to master songs. All good but so far nothing is quite ready for letting you hear it. As an issue with this Tony has made a new years resolution to start releasing new music in the spring come what may. It may be mixed wrong but at least it will be out there in the real world. Keep an eye out on our Youtube or Facebook sites for more information as we get around to doing this.

The same is true of our live music, lots of "talking" but still difficult to nail anything down. Maybe Jan/Feb are bad months and we should be used to this but it is going to be an interesting year for us. We have made the decision to try to limit the gigs to places we like to play at so that may also have an effect of reducing the gigs but maybe raising the fun level for all of us!! We will of course keep putting up live videos on Youtube for at least the next six months so you can always see us any time you like!! just click on the Youtube site.

Well, that is enough for now. The Xmas tree needs to be taken down as we are already behind with doing that!!

Have a great start to the year and let's hope we all have a little "fun" this year.

Tony and Una