November Update

Hi all,  

          We hope you are all safe and WOW!! what a year so far........  

Well November has popped its head above water and as I am late doing this the fireworks have all been and gone. I guess you will know we have been busy trying to understand the intricacies of marketing music on the internet. After many errors and mistakes we are getting there but lord is it a slow process. We have switched from Youtube to Facebook for loading and promoting our videos. This seems to be the best solution but the workload in trying to understand Facebook has been like taking a PHD course. Sadly I am still learning what to do. This has not stopped us releasing music and we have a single due out on the 18th November called We've Made It. You can pre order by going to this link and click the spotify link OR as a web site special you can just go to our download page and download it NOW!!. We are also working on a number of new songs that we will put out over the next few months so stay tuned!

Sadly we were unable to do any gigs last month and November is now going to follow the same path. We are sorry, nothing would make us happier than to start playing live again but the pubs and restaurants have taken a battering and who knows what will be left once this is all over. We are doing a number of live from home gigs for some Facebook groups. You can see more about that on any of our Facebook pages. We have also started our own group called real music...old style!! This is a private group we are going to use to try to put good music/comedy/travel/art and a little Craic as well so again come and join us there, it will be fun!!

If that was not enough, for once Tony is having a day off!! yes, even he deserves a break on his birthday this month. Sadly he can not go anywhere but I am sure he will do something to celebrate the day. 

Well that is it for this update, off to the group to put funny videos up now so please come and join us there!!

Thanks Tony and Una



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