Hi all, 

         Now having a month of fast fiber content to upload new videos has been an absolute miracle!! We are trying not to get to "busy" with videos so we are at the moment just putting up one video a week on our Facebook pages as well as two videos on our Youtube site. We will start to do some other different things like taking sections from our shows and live Facebook feeds and making them a more palatable 3/6 min long videos rather than the 45 min videos we currently have. We will try to do this over the next few months.

Another bit of news that is starting to make life a little easier for us is that we are slowly getting more live gigs booked. After the big "C" a lot of people were very reluctant to do anything like live music bar a few venues brave enough to give it a go. Well, now it seems most places are starting to want live music again so if you do want to see us live then just go to our Facebook gig guide and join. 

On the subject of live music, it would be remiss of us not to mention St Patrick's day on the 17th of March. As is our want, we are playing at a brewery!! The Hall and Woodhouse main site in Blandford Forum. again more details on our gig guide but we are looking forward to this and having a bit of craic and lots of Irish music.

As usual, we are still working on recordings but again as usual our optimism in getting the videos out is still running way ahead of what we can actually do. There never seems enough time in a day to do everything we want!! If we sound like the boy crying "wolf" then please forgive us, we do try to get the music done but it seems that life keeps getting in the way. 

Well, that is about it for this month. We are getting closer to summer and being out and about again and our trusty camera. We will be coming along and filming so more new videos will be added to our content on our Youtube page. It is a nice slow burn for us as we have now passed 300 subscribers. As we say a small but beautifully formed group of people. Again if you want to subscribe you can find the links here on this site.

Stay safe and well,

Tony and Una