1. Fallen Clowns

From the recording Due South

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Fallen Clowns

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World is turning upside down
There’s a man who wears a crown
All he does is shout all day
Tells you your stupid starts calling you names
Run away run away from him
Run away or he will shoot you down
Walks with a swagger shout out his name
Tells you all about his game
And all the while he is looking for fame
It’s the same old story it’s the same old game
Out in a bar down on the street
Scared of women looks down at his feet
Tries to look normal but it’s just to tough
The internet helps him on there he looks rough
Mommas away he’s home to play
Making all his plans feel real
It’s just the story a little glory
It’s just the story of the boy next door
Front page news of his views
See the picture in all its glory
See the world from upside down
As it comes to town
Watch as they fly high in the sky
Looking for clowns upside down
Look how they fly up in the sky
Looking for people don’t ask why
Sometime they take a shot let’s all fall down
There is a lady she know you so well
Don’t see the ringing bells
Tying to tell you to run
But your just a loose little son
It’s just a story a little glory it’s just the story
Of the boy next door
Run away from him run away from him run away
Or he will shoot you down
All well see the walls come down
Watching you fall down
Walk the walk and talk the talk
Watching you all fall down
Soon you will see
That your dreams were not to be
And were all watching you falling down
Soon you will see that your dreams were not to be
Watching you fall down like old clowns