Hi all, 

           Well the time has come for us to try to slow down the amount of music we are doing. We have worked hard during the last 12 months trying to find ways to get some income from music but the truth is, for us it is just not possible. It is now time for us to find another way. We will continue to put out singles and videos but we are going to slow down the rest of what we call the music stuff. It is odd that now we have the jabs we need to start to look for jobs that are sadly outside of the music business. We have tried a number of different things to try to work with music but they are all long term and probably not viable. No big thing, we will have to just start all over again, trying to get some gigs as well as having day jobs. Takes us back about 20 years ago!!. Covid has really hurt the pubs, some may never open again. A lot of them will wait six months before starting music again. Some have even done "runners" and left the pubs altogether. Better minds than ours are trying to work this out but while they do we do not get any gigs and no income. It will be interesting to see where we are in a years time. So to recap.......we WILL release singles and videos. We will start to cut back on all the other music activities. We MAY see you at a gig eventually!! It is indeed a strange new world......we need to find our own way to walk through it! 

Stay safe and well


Well would you believe it!! both of us are now "jabbed" and after a few weeks we can start to .... well I am not sure but at least we can start!! Now as you all know by now still working on recordings and releasing singles. We are now able to put out a new single every six weeks, probably for the next 18 months. If you have been isolating from music as well as the virus then all you have to do is go to our EPK page to find our singles. As well as the audio we have and will do videos so we are coming at you from two angles!!. We are also so close to starting to try to get some gigs in. We will be weather dependent but hey at least we will get some fresh air. Sort of springtime music amongst the showers.

We are also starting to work with some radio stations for airplay of our singles. This takes time but we are already starting to see a number of people happy to play our music on their shows. We are even going to be doing a few interviews as well. We will tell you all about this on our new page "RADIO SHOWS" so please go along there for an update as this will move a lot quicker than this monthly update. In fact we have one interview lined up tomorrow morning with Barry from Fresh Gold Radio. If you get the chance, have a listen!!

Well that should keep you up to date with everything we are doing at the moment. We hope that by the time we do another monthly update most of you will have had the jab and making plans to get back out and about. We know we are and hope we can start seeing some of you at gigs again. Till then stay well and safe

a song called Fields Of Gold written by sting. This song is from our album rolling in the covers. you can download the song here on our downloads page

here are a couple of songs to give you a feel for what we sound like.....after all we are musicians!!