October Update 

Hi all,  

          We hope you are all safe and WOW!! what a year so far........  

We did spend quite a bit of time on our Alzheimer's song Wishes from the well. We want to thank all the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Facebook sites that put our song on their pages. In the big scheme of things 2K views isn't much on Youtube but the feedback we had was a little overwhelming and as we have said to anyone involved with alzheimer's, you can use the song as you wish. 

Another area we spent time looking at was Facebook. A MONSTER of a site to try to work out! We did make some headway, at long last we have been able to load our videos up there. This means that we will stop putting songs up on Youtube first and use Facebook. Nothing wrong with Youtube it is just we can do so much more on Facebook so that is the way we are going.  

Now as you know we have no gigs to play at so we have been busy looking back through our recordings over the years and trying to understand the wonderfull world of the internet. Many late nights and headaches later we are trying to do things a little different for us. Spotify/Apple music may not mean much to you but they and other download sites account for 80% of music listened to. It is an area we did not understand but hey we have the time and energy so now we are going to try to get our music "out there" this way. So......our first single done this way will be released on the 18th November and is called We’ve made it. The song has never been released before so it is brand new music!! If you know how to download/stream songs then go and have a look. We will put up full details at the start of November for you. As well as this we are going to use Facebook adverts, initially we will not do much, just prove it works before trying to do more when we are happy we understand it better.  

Now that should keep us busy for a while and as they say, if you're going down, you may as well fight all the way!! 

Till the next time stay well and safe!! 

Tony and Una

a song called Fields Of Gold written by sting. This song is from our album rolling in the covers. you can download the song here on our downloads page

here are a couple of songs to give you a feel for what we sound like.....after all we are musicians!!