Hi all, 

           Well as usual a little late again!!, OOPS, where does the time go? Anyway lots of things to update you with. Firstly thanks to the many of you who have "joined" our gig guide. I know we did send out a fair few gigs that may have overloaded the system but we are now up to date and we will try to give you the gigs for the next few months ahead. While we do get gigs further out into the year we sort of guess you will forget them that far out so hence the two months thing. Should you have forgotten, here is the link if you do wish to join.

          Now as we start hitting the road again we are attempting something new.  We have over the years stopped going out to "open mikes/showcases" this was down to being too busy and trying to save Una's voice. Well as we are yet to get back to those levels, we will be doing some "traveling" to see new people and just try to socialize a little more. Who knows we may have to cut back eventually but hey it is a brand new world we are playing with at the moment.  

          Talking of "new worlds" we are even back out playing at festivals again. All the details are up on our gig guide should you fancy a bit of a fun day out enjoying music. We will also be performing at the Shaftesbury Fringe again. Just a few gigs but we enjoyed it so much last year we thought we would do it all again!! We are also trying to talk to a few "select" agents, not sure if this will work but again trying something new for us. We will let you know how this goes.

          Now, this may not be something that excites you but we are going to at long last have fiber-optic broadband in the next few weeks. I am not sure but this may mean we can "go live" on the internet with you all. This will be GREAT as there are a lot of people who know us who live very far away (hello America!!) so given time we could do a show at home for all those that can not get to a gig locally. We will let you know more next month. 

          As if this was not enough, we are still working away in the background writing songs and recording. Our best intention is to start releasing music as singles again come November as hopefully by then we will be back to full speed. 

Well, that is it for this update. exciting times ahead for us so please keep up to date by coming back and if you do look around the site you should find that we are as ever, changing things and trying to make the site that little bit better every month.

Till the next time stay safe and well and we will see you somewhere down the road. 





a song called Fields Of Gold written by sting. This song is from our album rolling in the covers. you can download the song here on our downloads page

here are a couple of songs to give you a feel for what we sound like.....after all we are musicians!!