July Update

Hi all, 

         Well, here we are already past the longest day, for some of us that had more than a feeling of Irony about its passing!! We live near enough to Stonehenge to see on the news that the Police and the druids were fighting as per normal. Talking about fighting…….we are still battling away with our music. A new single was released this month called Destination Overload. You can download the single from any good download site or if you wish you can even get it here! Just go to our download page. We will continue to release singles so keep coming back as they will appear here before anywhere else!! 

           Now our music is also being collected by the British Library Sound Archive. here they will catalogue,  archive & preserve our music as part of the nation's audio & cultural heritage. There is a long story about this, far too long to go into detail here but it involves Glastonbury festival. Ask us next time you see us and we will tell you all about it. They will make our music available (in a limited way via a restricted access server) to anyone holding a British Library readers pass. We like this idea, as people download more or store "on the cloud" it is nice to know that our music will not be lost and people will be able to find our music long into the future. 

            We have also been busy with the radio stations. It is so hard to get any mainstream radio to play our songs. Luckily there are many fine internet radio stations that will play our music so we have been making sure they get a copy of our song. So far we have over 80 stations playing our current single Destination Overdrive. We are also doing a few interviews, all the info will be put up on our Facebook page so have a look there  https://www.facebook.com/tonyandunashow 

             We should also point out that we have updated our youtube page with videos for all our singles as well as an introduction video. We will update this in the future. If you do go and have a look, remember to subscribe as that helps us look at least a bit interesting for youtube to support us. 

              Till the next time stay well and safe Tony and Una



June Update

Hi all,       

         Well, here we are at the start of summer, both of us with two jabs and no mates to play with!! Now while music is slowly starting, we are going to wait a while before calling venues. They are all trying to desperately get new staff on board and working well. This is their first priority, music will come later. This looks like a long-term process so we wish them well. As for us, well if you look at our downloads page you will see another new single called Destination Overload. You can download from today here or you can go to any good download provider from the 18th to download. We sort of give you a few weeks extra here as after all you read this rubbish!! Another song will be put up next month so don’t forget and there is a back catalog of songs you may have missed.  

        Una has found a part-time job and Tony is looking for a full-time job. We need to do this because it will take a while to get anywhere near where we were before. Still, when we can, we still record so more music will continue to flow.  

        Our thanks to those that have been kind enough to comment on our Facebook pages as well, sadly we just don’t have time anymore to do all the music stuff. 

        As for the injections well we did have a few “odd” side effects but if you know us that may well be no surprise there!! Well, that’s enough for this month’s update. Hopefully, we will start to find gigs, and who knows, next time we may even have done a gig or two!!

Stay well and safe.

Tony and Una

May Update 

Hi all,  

       hope we find you all well and safe. As usual for us things move on a pace. Una now works in a pub and wait for it......Tony has the shortest haircut ever!!. This is all part of the "back to work" plan we have. It is also encouraging that we have had a few people call us up to play live gigs starting in August and we will be back out playing live, all be it in a lot smaller capacity than before.    

        Now our original music is getting a lot of radio airplay on internet radio stations. It has been interesting that the radio station all say our music is "radio friendly"...whatever that means??. We think it is only right that we do a little "thank you" to those that made the effort to listen and add us onto their playlists so have a look at our radio shows page and if you have a listen please just give them a thumbs up!! We will continue to put out music for the foreseeable future so please try our downloads page for the latest songs.  

        In May we both will have our second jabs so hopefully Covid can start to become a distant memory. Talking to musicians about Covid it has certainly made all of us rethink how we go about doing music and how society treats musicians. Most have tried "live" living room concerts and as far as we can tell people just don't want to financially support musicians, that's OK but musicians somehow have to pay the rent. So we wish other musicians all the best in their new ventures!! 

         Well that's it, short and sweet but hey we are still making music and no one can stop that.......mind you you never know!! 

Tony and Una


 Well the time has come for us to try to slow down the amount of music we are doing. We have worked hard during the last 12 months trying to find ways to get some income from music but the truth is, for us it is just not possible. It is now time for us to find another way. We will continue to put out singles and videos but we are going to slow down the rest of what we call the music stuff. It is odd that now we have the jabs we need to start to look for jobs that are sadly outside of the music business. We have tried a number of different things to try to work with music but they are all long term and probably not viable. No big thing, we will have to just start all over again, trying to get some gigs as well as having day jobs. Takes us back about 20 years ago!!. Covid has really hurt the pubs, some may never open again. A lot of them will wait six months before starting music again. Some have even done "runners" and left the pubs altogether. Better minds than ours are trying to work this out but while they do we do not get any gigs and no income. It will be interesting to see where we are in a years time. So to recap.......we WILL release singles and videos. We will start to cut back on all the other music activities. We MAY see you at a gig eventually!! It is indeed a strange new world......we need to find our own way to walk through it! 

Stay safe and well

a song called Fields Of Gold written by sting. This song is from our album rolling in the covers. you can download the song here on our downloads page

here are a couple of songs to give you a feel for what we sound like.....after all we are musicians!!