November update

Hi all, 

          well, the clocks have gone back an hour and we have already seen our first Xmas advert on TV. So as no surprise we are releasing our Xmas video single on the 19th of November called Let The Magic Begin( ). If you can not wait to hear the song then go to our download page here where you can hear it NOW!!  Don't forget, you can see the video when it premiers on youtube. If you wish, leave a comment and even pass this on to others!! We make no apologies for this sugar-coated song. We are sure it will annoy the hell out of some people but we both have sweet tooths so we guess it just had to be. Remember you can download this song from all good download sites from the 19th, or download now from our download page!!

         We have also had some good news re our internet situation. One of the hardest things for us here is the slowness of the internet speeds. This means we are unable to really do live shows with any quality due to the fact that the horses get tired walking round in circles giving us a speed slower than a snail traveling downhill with the wind on its back! Well, all is changing.....albeit in a month or two's time. We are getting fiber cable installed and at long last, we will be able to use it to do live videos and to be able to put up more videos as the download times will go from two hours per three min video to 15 seconds!! You will know when this happens because videos will magically start appearing!!

          Finally, we are still contacting a number of venues re live music and while they are all slightly nervous it is clear to us that next year if no more government restrictions and no surge in Covid then there will be a lot of live gigs in gardens, providing the weather plays ball. So just sit out the winter, enjoy your Xmas and we will come out of hibernation when the sun shines next year. Till then, stay safe and well.

Tony and Una


October update

Hi all,

          Well, petrol is in short supply, Xmas looks like it could be canceled due to late deliveries and there will be a glut of Bacon any day soon so.......happy autumn to you all !! As for us, well at least we got out to play a few times. We made the effort to go to some venues we always wanted to go to, but for some reason were always too busy. Well, that has been corrected as we went and played at the David Hall Arts center on an open mike night as well as a trip to play the open mike at the fantastic community pub called Charlie Chaplins. We met some lovely people and again sadly while no gigs came from this, I still think it was worthwhile going to them. 

On the singles front, we are keeping our powder dry until November when we will release our Xmas song so more about that next month. 

Our main aim is to try to get organized for some live gigs as soon as possible. This is not easy, we have found a number of venues have not renewed their PRS license so they physically can not have live music until they renew them. It looks like it will be March/April next year before they do this. All we can say at the moment is providing Covid does nothing weird it looks like next year should see us really busy......but until then we will still have to keep our heads down and turn down the heating for this winter. 

One thing you can do is have a look at our records now all available from all the main download sites. This would not only help us, but one thing for will be a unique gift for someone for Xmas!! 

Now because we are spending so much time looking for venues to play at, some of our other stuff will have to take a rest on the back burner. There are only so many hours in a day. We will keep working on getting gigs and we guess it is just like starting all over again. Let's hope in a year's time we will all be back to normal, till then stay safe and well.

Tony and Una 

September Update

Hi everyone!!

                        Is it us or did we "miss" summer?? oh the UK weather likes to play tricks on us. Still, at least we have been playing a few sessions and gigs. It was nice to get back out and about at the Shaftesbury Fringe Festival. We loved the gig at the Grosvenor Hotel and it blew away the cobwebs playing at the Two Brewers!! We have put up some pictures on our Facebook page so if you want to see them just click the link at the bottom of this page. 

                       Now as ever we are releasing a single. This time it is a bit more personal as the song is called Wishes From The Well. Una's father died from Alzheimer's a few years ago and we wrote this song to try to help people going through the "tough times" at the moment. We hope it gives them a little light in the very dark places they will go through. You can help as well by downloading the song, either here or from any good download store. September is the national Alzheimers/Dementia month so we hope people who want to help take the Facebook link we have provided and put it up on their Facebook pages to promote people's awareness.

                     Gigs are still hard to come by, bars are closing due to staff shortages caused by Covid, and some because they can not get any beer due to delivery issues. We keep telling people we are all in a strange new world and we will all have to adapt if we can!! We will keep working on slowly getting more gigs and will keep you informed. 

                      On the singles front, we will just take a little week or two off, and then we will release our Xmas single in November!! I know..........Xmass has come early!!

Well, that is enough for now, stay well and safe through the autumn, and let's hope we all get to Xmas safe and well.

Thanks, Tony and Una

a song called Fields Of Gold written by sting. This song is from our album rolling in the covers. you can download the song here on our downloads page

here are a couple of songs to give you a feel for what we sound like.....after all we are musicians!!