Here we have put a number of comments/reviews that should give you a flavour of what we are about. We have more but to be honest if you like this then go and have a LISTEN to the music!!! it will tell you a lot more about us that this page!! You can even go and have a look at some videos that will fill you in more. If you want more info you can always email us and we will send you more if you are a glutton for punishment!!!

PHILFY PHIL - Derbyshire times 

 Music from the folky side of rock's dysfunctional family has always been treated with suspicion by some members of the clan. It's the distant cousin politely shunned at the bar; the strange uncle they all hope to avoid as they nervously scan the wedding party seating plan.  
But Derbyshire duo No Fixed Abode is doing more than most to bring about a reconciliation and end the family feuding. New Clearwater album still has all the hallmarks of the genre, including bass provided by guesting godfather of folk-rock Ashley Hutchings. But Una Walsh and Tony Dean have crafted an eclectic series of songs that will also shake a few prejudices and preconceptions. Opener What Did I Do, with its Wonderstuffed intro, instantly showcases Una's angelic voice.  
Clear as winter ice, it is cultured enough to host its own late-night Radio 4 arts show. And for those that thought folk was fit only for fey subjects and whimsy, Kebab Crazed Nutty will catch them like the business end of broken beer bottle. It's a slice of contemporary realism,served in a pitta bread, with extra chilli sauce. Then there's the left-field arrival of Modern Life, a piano-led jazz track that oozes class and features a stunning trumpet line.The intimacy of Absent Friends draws you in impossibly, so you're left holding your breath as though eavesdropping outside the confessional. Then Sunne Days lands, loaded with Pimms and sunny joie de vivre. All the tracks on this collection are underpinned by Tony's subtle and sympathetic acoustic and given extra polish by some outstanding guest contributions. You can sense the craftsmanship that has been put into these songs. Every performer adds only what the song requires, nothing else. And that display of taste and restraint is something which louder, more gregarious members of the family could do well to emulate...

Sandy Satyanadhan Organiser - Woolston and Bursledon Folk Club Southampton

No Fixed Abode gave us a cracking good night at the club and there were many requests for a return visit from them. There were also many comments about Una’s beautiful, clear, lilting voice which has such an unusual and rare timbre and must surely be one of the finest on the folk scene. We will certainly be having them back.”

John Reedman - Chairman - Chesterfield folk club

 No Fixed Abode always get a warm welcome at the Chesterfield Folk Club and have appeared regularly at the CFC and it's predecessor the Attic. Two lovely talented people - Una has a voice to die for and Tony plays a mean guitar. They are committed to their music - writing memorable songs and making other people's material their own. They are always worth watching and always turn in an enjoyable and professional performance.

Fylde Folk Festival - Fylde Folk Festival

I enjoy watching and listening to good performers enjoying their performance and communicating their enthusiasm to their audience. This is certainly true of the duo No Fixed Abode. Una has a beautiful voice, vibrant and true. Tony is the perfect foil and accompanies Una with great strength, with delicate touches which makes their performances so good. No Fixed Abode are a joy to work with and should be booked by clubs and festivals who are looking for new talent and fresh faces