As well as all the interviews there are a number of radio stations now playing our songs. I have tried to list them below and if you go to have a listen please give them a thumbs up or thank you as they are all trying to support unsigned artist like us. It is the least you could do to help!!

 We did an interview with Way out radio a little while ago. Rossy made us feel very welcome and the interview was such a hoot that we thought you might enjoy listening to it here. You can also go and find out more about Way out radio by clicking this link and giving them a like!! they work tirelessly promoting unsigned artists like ourselves and as they are not far away in Salisbury we may one day meet them in real life!!                

   Blue Panda Radio Rod Bradbury

  Casimir Engine Radio-Show    


Celtica Radio                             

 Prospect Radio                                   https://www.prospectradio.wixsite/online

TMCR Radio                               

 Radio Wymondham                   

The Perfumed Allotment           

 Fresh Gold Radio                       (our single Drive Through The Night was there single of the week!!)

 2M apart Radio                        

The Unsigned Music Show

with Mike Ryan                         

Angel's indie lounge                   

 Access North West Radio          

 Kalypso radio breakfast show   kalypso-gold

 Wyrelite Radio                            

 Ayrshire online Radio                (Al McKay show)

 Andy's Attic Radio                     

 Good Music Radio                      

 KFM Radio                                 

 Radio Candy                               

 Terry Sullivan                          

 Wigwam Radio                            

  Music Eye Radio show 33        

  New Music Monday                 

Duggystone Radio                      

The NUA Radio Show                   

Hi all,

          Well we did a lovely interview with Bill from the underground edition radio show and Bill has kindly given us a link that will last about 30 days so if you want to hear the interview then please copy and paste the link below to listen!![0]=AT1yuidrPY3ShCqcvCC31zYe-Qr3tJMqINf89TwA391VRpQd7VgpWZy9tb950t6A3D_gnVHfOGTpSmnT2TNP1slj_GteDz-PVuZLwTAgFBA1x7w73vT6qRkYubhnbFwIA25s4FU0DnUfx6oAVUrwA2KQnM3Pr46zEVg1kpRwQ0yi4ZoAmle28SRZdeLqEidBAWcPQ8rj1wukASR4iAhv7f8avWkFDD90IDq3-Fv7PQvCoNj69q9FGFJO8KNCZNs