Hi all, 

          Well, here we are. Busy playing a lot of live gigs at the moment and this is starting to take up a lot of our time. We are not complaining as it gives us more video footage to use for our twice-weekly live music updates on our Youtube page. We don't always record as sometimes the venue is an odd shape and we can not find somewhere to put the camera tripod up. Still, most of the time we find a way to do this. We are also putting up quite a few Facebook page videos. Again they are snippets from live shows or from our Facebook shows we did during the covid shutdown.   

We are still working on original songs and again, we will take our time before releasing any more music as we want to make sure we using all our recording equipment correctly so that when we release it will be of a standard slightly better than our existing music we have done. As for a time scale.......well that is a bit of a "how long is this piece of string" question....... we will know when we have it right so like us, just be patient.

Well, that is all this update. If we see you at a live gig/festival sometime soon please come and say hello to us and till the next time stay safe and well all of you.


Tony and Una