here we just try to give you an idea of our backgrounds and where our interest in music came from, nothing like an inside leg measurement .....we save that for our biogs in the first "tony and una" show!!

Una Wash


My name is Una. I come from a small farm in Southern Ireland in the county of Louth. As a country girl I started singing at churches and although I was a shy, I was not given much choice! There was a time that not a single Wedding, funeral or party did not include a solo from me. As time passed I became the principal singer at the world famous Bunratty Castle in Shannon. I sang there for three years and travelled the world, performing on Radio and TV shows and for the Hoi polloi, including the president of the USA. It was a great time and singing live in places like Carnegie hall certainly got my attention! I even toured the USA again, this time as miss Danny Boy for Miller beer.

I eventually settled down in England with Tony. We have been working together now for some time writing songs and playing gigs. Nothing too fancy, we leave that to the young un's! I guess you could call us the wandering  Troubadours, we quietly go around the UK playing the music we love and enjoy meeting the people who "don't walk the main roads" Much more fun for us!! Sadly we both don't have egos so instead of flash words all I would say is have a listen to the music and see if it touches your soul!!

Tony Dean


Tony comes from Manchester and from the age of 12 he has always played live music. Firstly with a brass band and then at the age of 16 he got his first guitar. You can often ask Tony about the music of the late 60's/70's as he has a passion for the music that was around then. He still has some old Sounds newspapers from that time!! Most of his early life music took a backward step, but together with Una music is now firmly back at the top of the list. As well as playing live Tony spends his days on the computer recording all the new songs that will one day make it into there live set. To give you a little taste of what both Tony and Una work towards, think of the famous American club the Troupadour and the artists like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell as well as some great old rock bands like Deep Purple. Like Una, Tony just hopes that once you have listened you will be back for more!xt

Rs we are musicians and not PR-type people we have never really "listed" where we have played over the years. Well at the risk of raising our id's, here are all the "fun" things we have done.....should you be at all interested!!


Bude, Fylde, Scarbrough, Cromer, Wimborne, Poynton, Shrewsbury, Belper, Sheffield, Bath, Leicester, Priddy, Cambridge, Bradford on Avon, Chester, Saltburn,  Rochester, Weymouth, Southwell, Stainsbuy, Castle Donnington, Doncaster, Whitworth.

Gigs that were a little "different" 

Doncaster rovers ground opening.

An odd one for us, we were asked to provide "music" for the people who came down to look at the "new" stadium. This also acted as the test for insurance so they could get a license. Probably the coldest we have ever played at......and the most disinterested crowd !!

Party in the park Newark.

This was fun to do on a stage that many festivals would be proud of. We even had a soundman just for the monitors!! It was a bit odd to have a giant live screen at the side showing us to the rather large audience. Sadly this was in the days before Videos so it has all gone into history. Mind you Elkie Brooks who played after us was sensational!!

Folk music on a train North Yorkshire

Again slightly odd but great fun!! we knew we were going to enjoy this as they wheeled on a large trolley full of real ales before we left. It was odd to play acoustically as the wheels of the train made it hard not to slip into their "beat". Thankfully they had a toilet on board or Tony would have been in deep trouble!!

Playing on a pier.

Cromer folk festival was always fun to play at. The stage in the main theatre is out to sea and one time there was a lot of wind and so the waves were racing under the theatre so loud you could hear it when we played slow songs. Made our version of ready for the storm a memorable one for us!!

Music on a boat. 

There is a boat called the Reaper (you can find it on the internet) and this boat sailed down from Scotland to be at the Scarbrough sea and folk festival. Well, the "captain" saw us do another gig and invited us down to the boat after 6 pm when the boat closed to the public to play some songs for the "crew". This man knew us well........Rum........and plenty of it!! we fell off the boat at about midnight but what a gig!! those salty old seas dogs made us write a song about them on our album Clearwater. A special night....

The Pokey Hole Club

 A "club" that is still going strong!! We did feel a little out of our depth here as this is really a "rock" type event but when we got there they were the nicest people around. The audience loved music so it was a surprise that they even listened to us!! We loved it so much we supported some fine artists there, people like Dr Feelgood, The Animals, Ezio, and Never the bride.






Tony and Una

lost and bewildered

Hi all, well that should give you a little idea of who we time to wonder else were , may we suggest some videos???