1. Deep Inside

From the recording Due South

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Deep Inside

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A woman in trouble beginning to show
Family shamed by one of their own
The priest is told
He says she’ll have to go
A child is born on a winter's day
Soon as it’s born they took him away
They tell her she’s the one to blame
And god says she must carry the shame
Carry the shame Carry the shame
Carry the shame the shame
They tied her up they held her down
Made her wear electrodes as a crown
They put a wooden block between her teeth
And someone pulled the switch
No matter how they tried
They couldn't stop the screams at night
The animal rage was deep inside
It had learned to hide
Learned to survive, Learned to survive
Learned to survive
It was deep inside
Thirty years have passed a man came to see her
Looked in her eyes
Saw nothing there
He kissed her then turned away
He didn't see the tear rise in her eyes
He didn't see her wipe the tear away