1. Fallen Stars

From the recording Due South

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Fallen Stars

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All look up here
Were all in heaven now
Play the ace of spades
Were free again
What will we do
now we have you
We’re gonna make a scene
Play with lord
Knows the cords
Were free again
Won’t let you down
Jims all around
Were free again
lost all the pain
Down in the stars
Be what you are
Go for the show
And watch them go
It’s a rock and roll show
Did you see all the headlines baby
Look at you
You made the news
Little golden shoes
George made to loose
Just there to dream
Jack made the scene
Were free again
Lost all the pain
Fire in his eyes
How could he die
Hope you are free (goodbye)
Don’t want to play this game no more
Time for me to head back out the door
Fly well you stars
We wish you well the stars look very different today